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The Importance of Being Earnest is a play by Oscar Wilde who was an Irish poet and Playwright. He wrote about different forms throughout his life and was one of the most famous playwrights in the early 1890s in London. This Importance of being earnest pdf was written in 1894 in England. This pdf consists of three Acts which further includes two parts each.

This play Importance of Being Earnest was produced in 1895. And later on, it was published in 1899. At that time the literary period was Victorian and its settings are based on Countryside and London. This is a comedy play by Oscar Wilde.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Importance of Being Earnest

WriterOscar Wilde
Produced and Published 1895 and 1899 respectively
GenreComedy of Manners
Literary PeriodVictorian
SettingLondon And CountrySide

Importance of Being Earnest Introduction

The story begins with a character of Algernon who was playing piano in his flat. His aunt and her daughter lives with him. Earnest is the friend of Algernon who is the main character of this play. Earnest has also other name as Jack. So, the story begins from here that Earnest returned to London because of his aunt’s daughter. He wanted to propose Gwendolen, Algernon’s cousin.
But here comes the turning point where Algernon asked him about the Cecily. At once he tried to not mention her name, but then he accepted. Jack told his friend that he is living a double life, playing a double role in his life. That he is parenting Cecily and he is known as Jack in that particular Village. While when I have to visit city then I am known as Earnest. I have told them there is my twin brother in city.

After some time, Algernon’s aunt and her daughter came to his flat and started talking to him. In the meantime, Earnest proposed Gwendolen and she accepted that proposal with the name Earnest because she likes him too. When she talked about the proposal to her mother, she asked let me ask some questions to Earnest. Then she started asking questions to Earnest and he told her about that he was adopted and he is alone.
Basically, Importance of Being Earnest play full text circles around the life of Earnest, that how he is living a double life. And how he and his friend would change their names for their love. Then later on they found that they are bothers.

Ending of Importance of Being Earnest

After some days the Algernon visited the village as Jack’s brother named as Earnest to meet Cecily. When he saw Cecily, he fell in love with her at first glimpse and proposed her and she also accepted his proposal. Later on, Jack came and he was very angry with Algernon. Surprisingly Gwendolen came there too in search of Jack. Now both the girls shared their secrets and also about the proposal and they came to know that both of them are lying. So, they called them and found the truth. And after listening to them they forgive them because they were in love with them.
Later on Gwendolen’ mother came and she forbade them to getting married. Because she didn’t want her daughter to get married to an Orphan. Then she met Miss Prism who was Cecily’s German teacher and remembered that she was the one who stole her sister’s child twenty-eight years ago and misplaced them on a Victorian station. And as a result, they found that Algernon and Earnest both are brothers that were lost long time ago. So, Gwendolen’s mother agreed to marry her daughter to Earnest as he is now her sister’s son. Then they both happily married to Cecily and Gwendolen respectively.


Who is Lady Bracknell Importance of Being Earnest?
Lady Bracknell in Importance of Being Earnest is Gwendolen’ Mother and is the Aunt of both Algernon and Earnest.
Are Jack and Algernon Brother?
Yes, Miss Prism identifies it and their aunt reveals that they are brothers.
Is the Importance of Being Earnest a happy ending?
Yes, it ends happily. All the characters get what they desire.
Importance of Being Earnest Summary

In Importance of Being Earnest full script, Jack reveals that he came to London to propose his friend’s cousin Gwendolen. Algernon refrained him from doing so because he has to clear up the issues regarding the Cecily. Jack confesses his feelings about the Gwendolen that he wanted to marry her and she accepted his proposal too. And she admits that she likes him too. Later on Algernon proposed Cecily as Earnest. And he Introduces her aunt to Cecily. Lady Bracknell reveals that both of them are brothers, and inform them that they are her sister’s child after meeting with the Miss Prism. Jack was happy after knowing that he is the elder brother of Algernon. Then both of them married to their loved one’s and two couples Algernon and Cecily and Earnest and Gwendolen lived happily after that because there was no obstacle between them after that.

Read that above Importance of Being Earnest pdf as this play is full of comedy that how two brother met each other and found their true loves.



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