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Kinemaster apk has vast features that make it different from the other video editors. This video editing app and software is giving a tough competition to all other editors. Below are the features that are discussed step by step.

Instant Preview:

Well in Kinemaster hack apk you don’t need to see your final video always. Just watch your edits quickly and generate your video accordingly and make it more astonishing then the previous one. The same vast feature your are going to have in Kinemaster full unlocked apk. This has a benefit that it saves your time and you can edit your videos more correctly by analyzing the mistakes.

Multi Track Audio:

You can play multi audio files at a time depending on your android device. These audio tracks will help in getting more useful results.

Speed Control:

In this kinemaster unlocked feature you’ll have speed optimization features i.e. 0.25x up-to 16x without any lagging or pitch distortion. This would help in a time lapse speed or ultimate fast video.

Pro Audio Feature:

In this kinemaster mod apk new version you can extract audio from the video and then edit your videos and audio files as per your need as it supports multiple audio formats.

Chroma Key:

This is one of the best feature of the Kinemaster mod apk 2022. In simple words chroma key allows you to change the background of the videos to green screen. You can remove the background of any picture or video using this chroma key feature and can add a custom background of your requirement.

Voice Recording:

This feature states that you can record your own voice and can add it to your videos. And you can also add music to your videos using this amazing feature. That’s why kinemaster apk pro is the most advanced video editor used now a days.

No Watermark:

Basically, when we use any video editing software there is a watermark on the final video representing that this video was made in this particular software. But this doesn’t look professional as you can’t have any name under you videos. That’s why there is a option for us to switch on the paid software. But kinemaster mod apk latest version can’t let it happen. Means that this Kinemaster Apk offers no watermark on the final video.

Free Download:

This kinemaster pro apk mod is free to download . You can download this mod apk kinemaster from our site by just clicking on the Download button.

Multiple Layers:

This multiple layer is know as multitasking which means  you can add multiple files during the editing process. There are different clips, stickers, voice and emojis to add during the editing time.  So, this Multiple layer is the best advanced feature in the Kinemaster Mod Apk.
All these layers help us to add additional features to finalize our videos. This feature is the most widely used one and by this it leads us to a good and professionally edited video.

Supports All Versions:

Kinemaster Apk support all versions of android. You can download this editing app  on any adnroid phone and let the software edit your videos for you. No matter which android version you are using you can easily download and be able to run this app on your phones.

Kinemaster Pro mOd

Volume Controls:

Volume controls are available at every clip whether you want to increase or decrease sound at particular instant. Because everyone often needs to adjust volume during the editing process.
Kinemaster mod has a unique volume controls that everyone can use it easily.

Fade In/Out Sound Effects:

This feature is the most advanced feature of the Kinemaster pro as this let everyone to fade in/out the sound effects i.e. to enhance and give relevant effects to your videos according to your theme.

Social Media Sharing:

Social media sharing is very easy with Kinemaster as you can directly share your any video/part to the social apps without any inconvenience.



This feature allows you to add different animations while editing. It has a library full of animations that you can add while editing your videos that makes your video amazing.

Kinemaster apk mo

Video Quality:

This support 4K 2160p at 30 Fps.

Crop Videos:

You can crop your videos easily and remove unwanted parts from the videos. This feature is included in almost every video editing app/softwatre.

How to Edit Videos with Kinemaster:

We are always beginner at some point and often see most people are new to video editing. As they don’t know how to edit videos professionally. So we have made a video tutorial for you in which you can watch how to edit videos on Kinemaster and become an expert. Just follow the given video below

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